Sean Cavanagh & Co have successfully helped us establish our European branch. We received valuable international tax advice in this process and hope to work with the firm for years to come.

Deuce, San Franciso
Gary Hughes, Founder & CEO

I’ve worked very closely with Sean in respect of all my personal and corporate matters for the past couple of years. We meet on a regular basis wherever necessary whether it be in Birmingham, Belfast, Dublin or beyond.

Eleanor McEvoy
RTE Dragons Den

T-met, Armagh

Sean and Ronan have ensured that our statutory audit is carried out whilst also providing added value services around tax and related services.
John Vernon
Financial Controller

Home Estates, Dublin

Noel and the wider team has really helped us set up the accounting systems and processes to allow us to understand our property costings and margins. We have also been introduced to tax planning which has really given us the options to manage our finances much more efficiently.
Carl Gibney

Home Proud Furniture, Belfast

Ronan has been instrumental in helping us understand our store margins which has allowed us to take informed financial decisions. This has helped us grow our business significantly in recent years both internally and externally through acquisitions of new stores.
Barry Muldoon
Managing Director

Eleci-Serve, London

Sean and his team has made a huge difference to our business. Since taking over as our accountants they have helped us secure funding and introduced financial systems that allow us to track project performance and operate more efficiently. They regularly work with our team in London to ensure we are constantly improving in so many areas.
Bobby Prendeville
Managing Director

CBS, Omagh

Oonagh works with our finance team ensuring that our internal and external auditing procedures meeting the highest standards whilst also providing important improvement recommendations to our board of governors.
Foncy McConnell

Bridge House Veterinary Clinic

With the help of Sean Cavanagh & Co we have now taken control of our finances and taxes and can now concentrate on the services we provide rather than worrying about finances.
Adrian Taheny